Personalized Company & Agency Forms in Word & Excel

For personalized forms, we offer a discount depending on the number of different forms ordered by one company at one time, prepaid. Here is our per-page charge for three levels of form: from simple to complex. Discounts are offered based on the number of forms pages you purchase at one time; these can be one or more forms.


# of Forms Pages




1 form page




2-25 forms pages




26-49 forms pages




50-99 forms pages




100-999 pages
1,000-3,000 pages
3,001-4,000 pages


  • Simple: Document already provided in Word or electronically, so no typing required. Not too many cells, one or two columns, few or no checkboxes or other special features.
  • Difficult: More challenging formatting required; more cells, multiple columns, or multiple checkboxes.
  • Complex: Multiple rows and cells, or requires typing text and designing forms.

If you’re not sure what type of form you have, please send us a copy via email or the Contact Us box at right.

Remember: You get quality products with Forms in Word. Our designers and editors include Dr. Oswald, who has a Ph.D. and M.A. in English and who has a computer degree and certificates in Microsoft Office Support Specialist, Office Technology, Web Foundations, and Desktop Publishing & Design. Our forms are proofed against the original by our technical editor, Gregory Drummond. Just email your forms to us; we will make a PayPal button for you and will get started right away upon receiving payment. Thank you for using Forms in Word!

Note to Software Designers & Others Who Wish to Resell FIW Forms: Our forms are not for resell unless prior arrangement has been made between the form purchaser and Forms in Word, and prices will be higher than listed above. Any resell of our forms or use of our forms in software requires prior written permission from Forms in Word. We make arrangements with firms for all software sold using our forms; please email us if you would like to discuss such an arrangement. Usually the charge is $55 per form page–more if the forms are complex. FIW retains the right to resell government forms. Thank you for understanding all the time we put into each form.