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Forms in Word has been specializing in making government & business forms in easy-to-use Microsoft Word & Excel documents since 2004. We specialize in creating professional documents that are completely editable, saving time and expense on expensive software. The forms are designed by professionals with over 15,000 forms created and updated. Our forms are capable of being copied, saved, changed, reused, and easily printed. All forms come with automatic form-fill features. The government forms are available as free PDFs but Microsoft Word and Excel offer added value for clients with guaranteed savable, fillable, and usable forms. Each form is designed individually by co-owner Lori Oswald, Ph.D., a Microsoft Office Certified Designer with over 20 years of experience creating, editing, and formatting technical documents for various industries. A money-back guarantee is available if customers are not satisfied within 10 days of purchase just email us. Forms can be purchased directly from this website using a credit card or PayPal account.

Federal Forms in Microsoft Word

Click on the links below to view the desired forms. If you don’t see what you need below, use the search bar or just email us with your request! Thank you! – Lori at Forms in Word

AF – U.S. Air Force

AFTO Forms

AHRC – Army Human Resources Command

Architect, Engineer, and Construction (A/E/C) Forms & Templates

ATF – Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives

BLM – Bureau of Land Management Forms

BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics Forms

BOEM – Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Forms

CBP – U.S. Customs and Homeland Security Forms

CD – Closing Disclosure Forms in Word and Excel

CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Forms

DA – Department of Army (page 1 of 2)

DA – Department of Army Forms in Microsoft Word – page 2

DCMA – Defense Contract Management Agency Forms

DD – Department of Defense Forms

DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration Forms

DHS – Department of Homeland Security Forms

DIHS – Division of Immigration Health Services DIHS Forms

DLA Defense Logistics Agency Forms

DOC – Department of Commerce Forms

DOE – Department of Energy Forms

DOJ – Department of Justice Court System and Bankruptcy Forms

DOL – Department of Labor Forms

DOT – U.S. Department of Transportation Forms

DRMS – Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service Forms

DS – Department of State Forms

DSC – Army Deployment Support Command Forms

EEOC – Microsoft Word Forms

EIB – Export-Import Bank of the U.S. Forms

EOIR – Executive Office for Immigration Review Forms

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency Forms

ERB – Enlisted Record Brief Forms

ESA – Employment Standards Administration Forms

ETA – Employment and Training Administration Forms

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration Forms

FCC – Federal Communications Commission Forms

FDA – Food and Drug Administration Forms

FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Forms

FECA and CA – Federal Employees Compensation act Forms

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency Forms

FERC – Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Forms

FHA – Federal Housing Administration Forms

FM – Freddie Mac Forms in Word and Excel

FMC – Federal Maritime Commission Forms

FNMA – Federal National Mortgage Association Forms in Word and Excel

FPS – Federal Protective Service Forms

FRB – Federal Reserve Board Forms

FWS – Fish and Wildlife Service Forms

GSA – General Service Administration Forms

HAZMAT – Hazardous Materials Forms

HHS – Health and Human Services Forms

HUD – U.S. Housing and Urban Development Forms

IRS – Internal Revenue Service Forms

MEPCOM Forms in Microsoft Word

MIL-DTL Forms in Microsoft Word

NAVMC – Navy and Marine Corps Forms

NGB – National Guard Bureau Forms

NOAA – National oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Forms

NPMA Forms in Microsoft Word

NPS – National Parks Service Forms

OF – Optional Forms

OGE Forms in Microsoft Word

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration Forms

OT – Other Forms (GSA) in Microsoft Word

PBGC – Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp Forms

PD – US Savings Bond Forms

PTO and AIA – U.S. Patent and Trademark Forms

SBA – Small Business Administration Forms

SD – Secretary of Defense Forms

SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission Forms

SF330 Form in Microsoft Word

TEAS – Trademark Forms in Word

TILA – Truth in Lending Forms

UCC – Uniform Commercial Code Forms

USACE – US Army Corps of Engineers Forms

USCG – United States Coast Guard Forms

USCIS – US Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms

USDA – US Department of Agriculture Forms

USTP – US Trustee Program Forms

USPS and PS – U.S. Postal Service

VA Forms – Department of Veterans Affairs Forms

VBA – Veterans Benefit Association Forms

VHA – Veterans Health Administration Forms

WH347 Federal Certified Payroll Form

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