U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ENG & USACE) Forms and Permits in Microsoft Word

Form # Form Title Price Buy Now
USACE ENG 1 Form Employee’s Daily Labor Report $7.99
USACE ENG 1a Form Daily Labor Report (Short) $7.99
USACE ENG 4-R Form Monthly Report of Receipt and Issue of Materials and Supplies (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 27 Form Report of Operation Hopper Dredges $7.99
USACE ENG 27A Form Daily Report of Operations-Hopper Dredges $7.99
USACE ENG 30 Form Report of Subaqueous Drilling Operations $7.99
USACE ENG 42 Form DA, Offer to Sell Real Property $7.99
USACE ENG 93 Form Payment Estimate-Contract Per Formance $7.99
USACE ENG 93A Form Payment Estimate-Contract Per Formance (Cont.) $7.99
USACE ENG 231 Form DA, Release (Partnership) $7.99
USACE ENG 340 Form DA, Supplemental Agreement Accepting Proposed Restoration $7.99
USACE ENG 894 Form DA, Notice to Tax Official $7.99
USACE ENG 900 Form Tract Ownership Data $7.99
USACE ENG 1011 Form DA, Corps of Engineers, Order For Title Evidence $7.99
USACE ENG 1017 Form DA, Final Certificate of Title For Easements $7.99
USACE ENG 1258-R Form Department of the Army Right-of-Entry For Survey and Exploration (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1309 Form Request for Reproduction Services $7.99
USACE ENG 1368 Form Report of Termination of Instrument $7.99
USACE ENG 1391-R Form Salary-Wage Adjustment Order (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1475 Form Plant Repairs and Improvements $7.99
USACE ENG 1475A Form Plant Repairs and Improvements (Continuation Sheet) $7.99
USACE ENG 1567 Form DA, Report On Vacation of Property $7.99
USACE ENG 1570 Form Report of Disbursements Under Power of Attorney $7.99
USACE ENG 1571 Form Receipt For Payment Under Power of Attorney $7.99
USACE ENG 1603 Form Realty Control File Summary $7.99
USACE ENG 1721 Form Department of The Army Permit $7.99
USACE ENG 1738-R Form Reasonable Contract Estimate (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1741-R Form Reasonable Contract Worksheet (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1741A-R Form Reasonable Contract Estimate Worksheet (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1741B-R Form Reasonable Contract Estimate Worksheet (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1741C-R Form Reasonable Contract Estimate Worksheet (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1787 Form Reservoir Sediment Data Summary $7.99
USACE ENG 1789 Form Changes in Publication Requirements $7.99
USACE ENG 1836 Form Drilling Log $7.99
USACE ENG 1836A Form Drilling Log (Continuation Sheet) $7.99
USACE ENG 1837-R Form Boiler Water Treatment Report (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1927-R Form Safe Clearance Order Sheet (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 1928-R Form “Caution Order” Order Sheet $7.99
USACE ENG 2087 Form Gradation Curves $7.99
USACE ENG 2200 Form Summary Construction Program (PB-1) $7.99
USACE ENG 2204-R Form Study Cost Estimate (PB-6) (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 2205A Form General Investigations Study Program Schedule PB-5A) $7.99
USACE ENG 2254 Form Foundation Uplift Pressures $7.99
USACE ENG 2438 Form Plant Record Card-Grouped Items $7.99
USACE ENG 2468 Form Lubricant Data $7.99
USACE ENG 2469 Form Lubricant Data $7.99
USACE ENG 2538-1-R Form Quality Assurance Report (QAR) Daily Log of Construction-Military $7.99
USACE ENG 2538-2-R Form Quality Assurance Report (QAR) Daily Log of Construction-Civil $7.99
USACE ENG 2590 Form Economic Load Test $7.99
USACE ENG 2678 Form Vehicle In Formation and Inventory $7.99
USACE ENG 2683-R Form Donation of Personal Property (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 2696 Form Recapitulation and Summary Sheet $7.99
USACE ENG 2803-R Form Department of the Army Right-of-Entry For Construction (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 2926 Form DA, Option To Purchase Real Property $7.99
USACE ENG 2944 Form Statement of Court Service $7.99
USACE ENG 2970 Form DA, Offer To Sell Easement $
USACE ENG 2987-R Form Aircraft Operations Report (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 3010 Form Apportionment Schedule $7.99
USACE ENG 3039 Form Miscellaneous Commitment Document $7.99
USACE ENG 3041-R Form Report of Real Estate Receipts (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 3078 Form Recommended Changes to ENG ineering Documents $7.99
USACE ENG 3102B Form Waterway Traffic Report-Lockage Log $7.99
USACE ENG 3131 Form Report of Compliance Inspection of Army and Air Force Property Occupied Under Lease, License, Easement or Permit $7.99
USACE ENG 3135 Form Guest Register-Government Vessel $7.99
USACE ENG 3143 Form Joint Survey and Inspection of Condition of Government Leased Property $7.99
USACE ENG 3143A Form Joint Survey & Inspection of Condition of Government Leased Property, Sec III-Interior Condition of Individual Room $7.99
USACE ENG 3180-R Form Contractor Payroll Record (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 3203 Form Tabulation of Discharge Measurements $7.99
USACE ENG 3204 Form Daily Plan $7.99
USACE ENG 3205 Form Rating Table $7.99
USACE ENG 3309-R Form Record of Radioactive Material (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 3314-R Form Schedule of confirmed Deposits (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 3394 Accident Investigation Report in Word (4 pages, hard Form) $69
USACE ENG 3423 Form Negotiator’s Report-Part I $7.99
USACE ENG 3423A Form Negotiator’s Report-Part II $7.99
USACE ENG 3483-r Form Register of Recurring Reports $7.99
USACE ENG 3529 Form Employee Orientation Checklist $7.99
USACE ENG 3544 Form Personal Security Statement $7.99
USACE ENG 3560 Form Report of Compliance Inspection-Outgrants $7.99
USACE ENG 3585-R Form Funds Returned To U.S.Treasury By Other Government Agencies-Civil Works Projects (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 3638-R Form Floating Plant Design and Construction Report (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 3659 Form Unconfined Compression Test Report $7.99
USACE ENG 3662 Form Administrative Vehicle Operational Record $7.99
USACE ENG 3726 Form Official Contract Record Checklist-Preaward $7.99
USACE ENG 3726-1 Form Official Contract Record Checklist-Contract $7.99
USACE ENG 3726-2 Form Official Contract Record Checklist-Contract Modification $7.99
USACE ENG 3735A Form Daily Report of Operations – Sidecasting Dredge $7.99
USACE ENG 3739-r Form Forecast of Funds Availability Revolving Fund – Corps of Engineers $7.99
USACE ENG 3835 Form Water Content-General $7.99
USACE ENG 3836 Form Unit Weights, Void Ratio, Porosity, and Degree of Saturation (Volumetric Method) $7.99
USACE ENG 3837 Form Unit Weights, Void Ratio, Porosity, and Degree of Saturation (Displacement Method) $7.99
USACE ENG 3839 Form Shrinkage Limit Test $7.99
USACE ENG 3840 Form Specific Gravity Tests $7.99
USACE ENG 3841 Form Sieve Analysis $7.99
USACE ENG 3843 Form Compaction Test $7.99
USACE ENG 3844 Form Constant-Head Permeability Test $7.99
USACE ENG 3846 Form Falling-Head Permeability Test With Consolidometer $7.99
USACE ENG 3847 Form Consolidation Test (Specimen Data) $7.99
USACE ENG 3850 Form Direct Shear Test (Specimen Data) $7.99
USACE ENG 3851 Form Direct Shear Test (Time-Shear Stress Data) $7.99
USACE ENG 3853 Form Triaxial Compression (Q and R) Test Axial Loading Data $7.99
USACE ENG 3854 Form Triaxial Compression Test (Back Pressure and Pore Pressure Data) (Saturation) $7.99
USACE ENG 3855 Form Triaxial Compression (R & S) Test Preliminary Consolidation $7.99
USACE ENG 3856 Form Triaxial Compression (S) Test Axial Loading Data $7.99
USACE ENG 3871 Form Report On Utilization of Civil WorksLands and Facilities $12.99
USACE ENG 3898-r Form Request for Mailing (Paychecks, Form W-2 and Earnings and Leave Statements) $7.99
USACE ENG 4020-R Form Report of Channel Conditions (400 Feet Wide and Greater) (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4021-R Form Report of Channel Conditions (100 to 400 Feet Wide) (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4025-R Form Transmittal of Shop Drawings, Equipment Data, Material Samples, or Manufacturer’s Certificates of Compliance $7.99
USACE ENG 4026 Routing of Shop Drawings, Equipment Data, Material Samples. or Maufacturer’s Certificates of Compliance for Approval Form $12.99
USACE ENG 4032 Form Control of Travel Orders and/or Record of T/Rs Issued $7.99
USACE ENG 4055 Form RIPRAP Gradation Curves Not in Word Seethis linkfor the PDF
USACE ENG 4111 Form Requisition For USACE Publications and Blank Forms $7.99
USACE ENG 4111A Form Requisition For Corps of Engineers Publications & Blank Forms (Continuation Sheet) $7.99
USACE ENG 4153-R Form Homeowners Assistance Summary Report (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4224-r Form Evaluation Statement for Hopper Dredge Cadet $7.99
USACE ENG 4264-R Form Application For Lakeshore Use Permit (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4288-R Form tal Register $7.99
USACE ENG 4330-R Form Request For Clearance of Material On Military Subjects (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4337 Form Offense/Incident Report $7.99
USACE ENG 4342-R Form Temporary Employment Application and Appointment Document $7.99
USACE ENG 4345 Form Application For A Department of the Army Permit $12.99
USACE ENG 4437 Form Computation Worksheet $7.99
USACE ENG 4438 Form Report of Investigation $7.99
USACE ENG 4439 Form Determination of Relocation Benefits Due Applicant $7.99
USACE ENG 4468-R Form Golden Age Passport Record (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4592-r Form Civil Works Regulatory Quarterly Report $7.99
USACE ENG 4704 Form Alternate Work Schedule Time Record $7.99
USACE ENG 4712-R Form Verification of Training Needs FY $7.99
USACE ENG 4713-R Form Evaluation of Proposed Training Course $12.99
USACE ENG 4728-R Form Request For Ship Radio Authorization (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4736-R Form Graduated Rent System Rental Computation (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4743-R Form Claim For Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense/Foreign Transfer Allowance (SE) $18.50
USACE ENG 4779-R Form Officer Evaluation Report Rating Chain (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4790-R Form Request For Authorization To Transfer Radioactive Materials (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4805-r Form Mailing List Report $7.99
USACE ENG 4812-R Form Prompt Payment Act Report (P.L. 97-177) (RCS: DAEN-RMF-28) (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4840 Form Golden Age Passport and Golden Access Passport Eligibility Statement $7.99
USACE ENG 4842-r Form U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Effect of CA Study on FOA Manpower $7.99
USACE ENG 4844-R Form Property Inventory Data (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4844-1-R Form Catalog In Formation (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4858-R Form Status of A-E Liability (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4858A-R Form Active A-E Liability Pursuit Actions (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4859-R Form Description of Outreach Recruitment Effort (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4861-R Form Appraisal Personnel Status (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4862-R Form Appraisal Per Formance (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4879-r Form Volunteer Program Activity and Expense Report $7.99
USACE ENG 4880-R Form Agreement For Individual/Group Volunteer Services (Act of July 30, 1983, Public Law 98-63) (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4881-R Form Parental Approval (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4882-R Form Volunteer Service Record (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4892-r Form Contract Audit Followup Summary Sheet $7.99
USACE ENG 4894-R Form Claims Collection Litigation Report (LRA) $12.99
USACE ENG 4897-R Form Real Estate Career Program-Career Appraisal (LRA) $47.99
USACE ENG 4900-R Form Property Control Receipt $7.99
USACE ENG 4900-1-R Form Property Control Receipt-Continuation Sheet $7.99
USACE ENG 4914-R Form U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Interagency Agreement (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4917-r Form Request for Career Referral List Real Estate Career Program $7.99
USACE ENG 4922-R Form Application For Federal Permit Under The Archaeological Resources Protection Act (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4923-R Form Archaeological Resources Protection Act Permit (LRA) $12.99
USACE ENG 4930-R Form Physical Security Checklist (LRA) $35
USACE ENG 4937 Form Respiratory Fit Test/Training Record $7.99
USACE ENG 4949-R Form Sadbu Goal In Formation For Fiscal Year (LRA) $12.99
USACE ENG 4958-R Form Requirements and Approval For Off-Site Processing (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4960-R Form Request For Approval of Foreign Travel (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4996-R Form Training Officer’s Checklist (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4997-R Form Cost Estimate of Proposed Training (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4998-R Form Career Program Manager’s Assessment (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 4999-R Form Long-Term Training (LTT) Post Evaluation (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5006-R Form Equipment Repair and Cost Record (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5007-R Form Equipment Inspection/Maintenance Worksheet (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5011-r Form Real Property Disposition Record $7.99
USACE ENG 5012-R Form Real Property Record (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5027-1-R Form CEAP-IA System Downtime Log-Each Occurrence (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5036-R Form Certificate of Authority To Issue Citations (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5036-1-R Form Cancellation of Certificate of Authority To Issue Citations (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5044-R Form USACE Entry Permit (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5051-r Form Listing for Interpretive Services Resources Database $7.99
USACE ENG 5055-R Form 5-Year Individual Development Plan (LRA) $12.99
USACE ENG 5067-R Form Digital Visual Library Image In Formation (LRA) $7.99
USACE ENG 5070 Form WEB Site Investigation Certification $7.99
USACE HEC96-01 Form Record of Credit Card Purchases $7.99
USACE ENG O-78 Form Directive Record $7.99
USACE ENG O-4784 Form Safety and Occupational Health Office Serious Accident Notification $7.99
USACE ENG O-5066-r Form Customer Care Nomination Form $7.99
USACE TAD 1-E Design Review Comments USACE Transatlantic Division $7.99
Individual Permit (Application for Department of the Army Permit) $7.99
USACE ENG PCN U.S. Army Corps of Engineers PCN (Pre-Construction Notification) $7.99
USACE ENG PCN SPD U.S. Army Corps of Engineers PCN (Pre-Construction Notification)-South Pacific Division $12.99
USACE RWDD Routine Wetland Determination Data Form $7.99
Wetland Determination Data Form-Great Plains Region $19.50
USACE Candidate Environmental Laboratory Self-Declaration Form $12.99
Non-federal sponsor’s self-certification of financial capability for agreements $7.99
USACE RFI Form Request for In Formation Form from USACE (made as a fillable, expandable Word Form) $7.99
USCAE RFI REPORT Request for In Formation Report from USACE (Army Corps of Engineers)
USACE Form Request for a Jurisdictional Determination from the Regulatory Division of the USACE $7.99