What Is Forms in Word?

Are you tired of searching through Web sites trying to locate just the right form? We have painstakingly reformatted all of those hard-to-find federal, state, and local agency FORMS in an easy-to-use Microsoft Word format.

You no longer have to print the form to type in the blanks or fill them in by hand. Now, you can type directly onto the form.

To order a form, just click on the buy now button beside each document. Because we offer many forms we made them easily identifiable by department or type. Most all have links to agency web sites with instructions on how to fill them out. If you don’t see the form you need, just e-mail us with your request. We will locate it for you.

Our MS Office-certified designers make Microsoft Word that are completely

  • fillable
  • unprotected
  • easy to use
  • and easy to save, copy, and use again.
Your forms are e-mailed right to you. Our U.S.-owned business has been specializing in forms design since 2003.

For federal and state forms, we start with the government PDFs and create them in Word and Excel, taking up to 20 hours per form to perfect them. Then we proof each form to be sure it looks just like the federal form and works efficiently for our customers as Microsoft Word or Excel files, not PDFs.

Our goal is to have happy clients and superior products. We have thousands of repeat customers who have used our service over the years, preferring our easily fillable Office documents to PDFs.

(Note: If you don’t see your form, just email us. We add forms daily & make personalized forms to order.) Questions: E-mail is fastest (paypalorder@formsinword.net) or call 907-707-9039.

In 9 years, we have designed over 15,000 forms for 22,000 businesses, government agencies, and individuals, and we take pride in our personal customer service, excellent products, and $-back guarantee!


With Forms in Word, you have a small, United States company with three highly experienced and dedicated people working full time to ensure your forms are of the highest quality. Forms in Word is a company that you can depend on for quick, expert service, and we appreciate each and every one of our customers and strive to make you happy!

Lori Jo Oswald, Ph.D.

Dr. Oswald has a Ph.D. in English, has been an English professor, technical writer, editor, and formatter since 1985, designing and editing technical publications for A/E/C firms, businesses, nonprofits, and state and federal agencies.

Lori Jo Oswald, Ph.D.’s training in Microsoft Word includes university courses in Word, Advanced Word, and Advanced MOUS Word Certification. Dr. Oswald has provided advanced document formatting and technical editing for numerous government agencies and environmental, engineering, and surveying firms. She also teaches workshops and university classes on using Microsoft Word in technical writing as well as technical writing at the University of Alaska.

Gregory Drummond

Also key to our staff is Gregory Drummond, who proofreads all Forms in Word-created forms against the government’s PDF and returns them to the designers for corrections. Gregory has military and construction experience and has been proofing technical documents for over 10 years, specializing in forms work since 2004.

With years of construction, contracting, and military experience (he served in the military during the Vietnam era), as well as 7 years of proofreading documents, Gregory Drummond brings his special gift of proofing hard copies of all our forms, checking them word for word, letter by letter, and measuring element – comparing our Word docs with the government’s PDFs.

In addition, we have typists and designers on call as needed, including specialists in Excel, Excel formulas, Visio, and Web forms.