Air Force Forms (AF, IMT, USAF) Forms in Microsoft Word

Form Number Form Title Price Buy Now

AF 9 Form

Request for Purchase $9.99

AF 77 Form

Letter of Evaluation $9.99

AF100 Form

Request and Authorization for Separation $9.99

AF101 Form

Reserve Requirements for School Tours of Active Duty for Training $9.99

AF102 Form

IG Personal and Fraud,Waste and Abuse Complaint Registration $9.99

AF103 Form

Base Civil Engineering Work Clearance Request $9.99

AF104 Form

Service Medal Award Verification $9.99

AF105F-2 Form

Stock Record Card (Cost Category II) $9.99

AF106 Form

Record of Advance Payments $9.99

AF108 Form

Physical Fitness Education and Intervention Processing $9.99

AF112 Form

Arbitration Case Summary $9.99

AF115A Form

Register of Control Numbers $9.99

AF116 Form

Request for Deviation from Security Criteria $9.99

AF118 Form

Refund of Tuition Assistance Education Services Program $9.99

AF122 Form

MWR Division Locker Issue Record $9.99

AF123 Form

Request for Changed Use of Real Property $9.99

AF125 Form

Application for Extended Active Duty with the Air Force $9.99

AF126 Form

Custodian Request Log $9.99

AF129 Form

Tally In-Out $9.99

AF130 Form

Application for a Report Control Symbol $9.99

AF131 Form

Application for Transfer to the Retired Reserve $9.99

AF133 Form

Oath of Office (Military Personnel $9.99

AF134 Form

Report of Contingency Expenditures $9.99

AF135 Form

Corrections to Records of Trial $9.99

AF137 Form

Footprint Record $9.99

AF138 Form

Post Trial Clemency Evaluation $9.99

AF139 Form

Industrial Facility Disposal $9.99

AF140 Form

Cremation Authorization and Disposition of Cremains $9.99

AF142 Form

Aviation Service Audit Worksheet $9.99

AF143 Form

Top Secret Register Page $9.99

AF150 Form

Drayage/Storage Authorization-Government Quarters $9.99

AF152 Form

Personal Property NonTemporary Storage Service Order Number Register $9.99

AF158 Form

USAFR Contact and Counseling Record (PDF) $9.99

AF163 Form

Parental Authorization To Check Out Equipment $9.99

AF164 Form

Personnel Reliability Program Notification And Suspension Log $9.99

AF171 Form

Request for Driver’s Training and Addition to U.S. Government Drivers License $9.99

AF172 Form

Tank Inspection Summary (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF174 Form

Record of Individual Counseling $9.99

AF185 Form

Project Order $9.99

AF185 Form

Occupational Illness/Injury Report $9.99

AF191 Form

Ammunition Disposition Request $9.99

AF194 Form

Library Balance Record $9.99

AF195 Form

Individual Mandatory Clothing Check (Male/Female) $9.99

AF196 Form

Data for Parachutist Rating $9.99

AF197 Form

Air Force Institute of Technology Faculty Per Formance Appraisal $9.99

AF199PG1 Form

Password Control Roster $9.99

AF199PG2 Form

Password Control Roster $9.99

AF204 Form

Educational Leave of Absence (ELA) Request $9.99

AF207 Form

Estimated Aviation Fuel Requirements to Support Aircraft and Engine Contractors $9.99

AF209 Form

Communications and In Formation Management After-Action Report $9.99

AF210 Form

USAF-Owned Aviation Fuel Stock Report $9.99

AF213 Form

Receipt for Accountable Form $9.99

AF215 Form

Aircrew Training Candidate Data Summary $9.99

AF218 Form

Facility Fire Prevention/Protection Record $9.99

AF218 Form

Request, Authorization, and Pay Order Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) $9.99

AF224 Form

Recommendation and Authorization for Promotion of Airman as Reserve of the Air Force $9.99

AF227 Form

Quarters Condition Inspection Report $9.99

AF228 Form

Furnishings Custody Receipt and Condition Report $9.99

AF230 Form

Request for Patient Transfer $9.99

AF233 Form

Specified Period of Time Contract $9.99

AF235d Form

Report of Patients-Clinical Laboratory Monthly Rp Supplement $9.99

AF235e Form

Report of Patients-Manpower Standards Supplement $9.99

AF242 Form

Staff Judge Advocate’s Recommendations $9.99

AF244 Form


AF245 Form

Employment Locator and Processing Checklist $9.99

AF251 Form

Meal Card Control Register $9.99

AF255a Form

Technical Services Requirements $9.99

AF262 Form

NAF Financial Statement Analysis $9.99

AF263 Form

Monthly Activity Report $9.99

AF269 Form

Electrical Facilities Safe Clearance $9.99

AF270 Form

Aero Club Operations $9.99

AF272 Form

NAF Supervisor’s Report $9.99

AF277 Form

Commodity Log $9.99

AF281 Form

Notification of Change in Service Member’s Official Records $9.99

AF282 Form

Unannounced Spot-Check Of Cashier $9.99

AF286 Form

Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Certificate Not in Word Not in Word

AF286A Form

Notification of Personnel Reliability Program Permanent Decertification Action $9.99

AF291 Form

Unaccompanied Quarters Assignment-Termination Record $9.99

AF299 Form

Dental Service Management Report (Personnel) $9.99

AF300 Form

Facility Disposal $9.99

AF302 Form

Questionaire For Retired Members Of Uniformed Service $9.99

AF303 Form

Request for USAF Specialized Sports Training $9.99

AF304 Form

Request for Appellate Defense Counsel $9.99

AF310 Form

Document Receipt and Destruction Certificate Not in Word Not in Word

AF311 Form

Corrosion Treatment and Delivery Notice (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF311 Form

United States Air Force AVFuels Invoice $9.99

AF321 Form

Military Working Dog Training and Utilization Record $9.99

AF322 Form

Pilot’s In Formation $9.99

AF323 Form

Military Working Dog Training and Utilization Record for Drug/Explosive Detector Dogs $9.99

AF324 Form

Military Working Dog Program Status Report $9.99

AF330 Form

Records Transmittal/Request $9.99

AF332 Form

Base Civil Engineer Work Request $9.99

AF335 Form

Issuance Record-Accountability Identification Card $9.99

AF340 Form

Sensor Alarm Data $9.99

AF348 Form

Line of Duty Determination $9.99

AF349 Form

Receipt for Documents Released to Accredited Representatives of Foreign Nations $9.99

AF350 Form

Separation Pay Worksheet $9.99

AF356 Form

Findings and Recommended Disposition of USAF Physical Evaluation Board $9.99

AF357 Form

Family Care Certification $9.99

AF361 Form

Chamber Reactor/Treatment Report $9.99

AF365 Form

Medical Visual In Formation Support Request $9.99

AF365 Form

Record of Proceedings of Vacation of Suspended Nonjudicial Punishment $9.99

AF383 Form

Personal Property Quality Control Inspector’s Worksheet and Travel Log $9.99

AF384 Form

Government-Owned Container Control Record $9.99

AF388 Form

Communication Control Record $9.99

AF392 Form

Airman Assignment Preference Statement $9.99

AF399 Form

Request for Action on Implementation of Higher Headquarters Publications $9.99

AF401 Form

Budget Authority/Allotment $9.99

AF403 Form

Request for Special Technical Training $9.99

AF406 Form

Miscellaneous Obligation/Reimbursement Document $9.99

AF408 Form

NAF Accounts Receivable Batch Control (PDF) $9.99

AF412 Form

Report of Government Furnished Material $9.99

AF414 Form

Overhaul Contractor Stock Balance Report $9.99

AF418 Form

Selective Reenlistment Program Consideration $9.99

AF422A Form

Physical Profile Serial Report $9.99

AF424 Form

Monthly Coal Report $9.99

AF428 Form

Request for Overtime, Holiday Premium Pay, and Compensatory Time $9.99

AF431 Form

Food Poisoning Outbreak-Individual Case History $9.99

AF432 Form

Time Distribution of Persons Affected $9.99

AF434 Form

Aviation Fuel Gain/Loss Analysis $9.99

AF438 Form

Medical Care Third Party Liability Notification $9.99

AF439 Form

Robbery Checklist (LRA) $9.99

AF441 Form

Arms, Ammunition, and Explosive Report-Part 1, Losses, Thefts, and Recoveries and Part II Facilities Criteria List $9.99

AF444 Form

Advisement of Rights Upon Pretrial Confinement $9.99

AF448 Form

Daily Pumping Station Activity Record-Sewage $9.99

AF451 Form

Request for Packaging Service (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF453 Form

Report of Survey Register $9.99

AF457 Form

USAF Hazard Report $9.99

AF458 Form

Statement of Tour of Duty $9.99

AF465 Form

Bench Stock Inventory (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF469 Form


AF475 Form

Education/Training Report $9.99

AF477 Form

Application for Delay from Entry on Extended Active Duty $9.99

AF480 Form

Aircrew AFSC/ Active Flying Justification $9.99

AF483 Form

Certificate of Competency Not in Word Not in Word

AF484 Form

Missing Person(s) Supplementary Report $9.99

AF485 Form

Application for Enlistment-US Air Force Band $9.99

AF 487 Form

Emergency Generator Operating Log (Inspection Testing) $9.99

AF490 Form

Medical/Dental Appointment $9.99

AF491 Form

Cathodic Protection Operating Log for Impressed Current System (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF492 Form

Tracer/Excess Report/Inquiry $9.99

AF494 Form

Academic/Clinical Evaluation Report $9.99

AF500 Form

Daily and Weekly Fuel Record $9.99

AF502 Form

Ground Monitor Test Record $9.99

AF503 Form


AF504 Form

Weapons Custody Transfer Document (Aircraft) $9.99

AF507 Form

Agreement for Burial $9.99

AF509 Form

Medical Equipment Maintenance Record $9.99

AF511 Form

Individual Inmate Utilization $9.99

AF514 Form

Weapons Custody Transfer Document (Reentry Vehicle/Reentry System) $9.99

AF520 Form

Record of Dental Precious Metals and Alloys $9.99

AF522 Form

USAF Ground Weapons Training Data $9.99

AF524 Form

Missile Crew Log $9.99

AF525 Form

Records Disposition Recommendation $9.99

AF529 Form

Request for Air Carrier Service $9.99

AF530 Form

Apprentice Actions $9.99

AF532 Form

Programming Action Involving Units, Installations, and Unit Equipment $9.99

AF538 Form

Personal Clothing and Equipment Record $9.99

AF541 Form

Nutritional Medicine Service Subsistence Cost Report $9.99

AF545 Form

Request for Career Job Reservation $9.99

AF560 Form

Authorization and Treatment Statement $9.99

AF564 Form

Return of Patient Record $9.99

AF577 Form

Patient’s Clearance Record $9.99

AF578 Form

Data Record $9.99

AF579 Form

Controlled Substances Register $9.99

AF581 Form

Medical Linen Supply Record $9.99

AF586 Form

Propellants Delivery Schedule $9.99

AF588 Form

Missile Propellants Consolidation and Reporting of Sales $9.99

AF590 Form

Withdrawal/Reinstatement of Authority to Bear Firearms $9.99

AF593 Form

Interment Record-Base Cemetery $9.99

AF596 Form

Quick Engine Change Kit Inventory for $9.99

AF597 Form

ADPE Maintenance Record $9.99

AF600 Form

Equipment Control Register $9.99

AF601 Form

Equipment Action Request $9.99

AF603 Form

Troop Support Record of Operation $9.99

AF612 Form

Variable Training Cost Per Graduate $9.99

AF615 Form

Unit Watercraft Operations and Cost Summary Report $9.99

AF616 Form

Fund Cite Authorization (FCA) $9.99

AF618 Form

Medical Board Report $9.99

AF623A Form

On-the-Job Training Record-Continuation Sheet $9.99

AF 624Form

Base Unit Locator and PSC Directory (PA) $9.99

AF627 Form

Application For Registration or Certification Of Offcial Mail $9.99

AF628 Form

Diet Instructions/Assessment Authorized $9.99

AF636 Form

Systems Change Release Document $9.99

AF637 Form

BCE Job Order Log $9.99

AF642 Form

AFAM/AFCM Justification $9.99

AF644 Form

Record of Dental Attendance $9.99

AF644B Form

Dental Officer of the Day (DOD)/ Dental Charge of Quarters (DCQ) Patient Log $9.99

AF649 Form

Verification of Long Distance Telephone Calls $9.99

AF651 Form

Hazardous Air Traffic Report (HATR) $9.99

AF652 Form

Request for Loan of Master Personnel Record $9.99

AF656 Form

Clothing Request and Receipt-Male/Female (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF657 Form

Personal Clothing Record-Female Airmen (Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard) $9.99

AF658 Form

Personal Clothing Record-Male Airmen (Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard) $9.99

AF658PG2 Form

Personal Clothing Record-Male Airmen (Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard) $9.99

AF659 Form

Personal Clothing Claim $9.99

AF661 Form

Vending Machine Inspection $9.99

AF663 Form

Record of Daily Sales $9.99

AF664 Form

Aircraft Fuels Documentation Log $9.99

AF666 Form

Certification of Charge Sales Accepted by the Finance Officer $9.99

AF668 Form

Clothing Certificate for Category I Airmen Being Released from Active Duty Not in Word Not in Word

AF669 Form

Clothing Certificate for Oversea Processing Not in Word Not in Word

AF673 Form

Request to Issue Publication $9.99

AF675 Form

Airman Requisition for Departmental-Joint Activities $9.99

AF683 Form

Request for Approval of Environmental Differential Pay $9.99

AF686 Form

Substantive Investigations Record Check Summary $9.99

AF689 Form

Task Per Formance Checklist $9.99

AF696 Form

Dental Patient Medical History $9.99

AF697 Form

Identification Findings And Conclusions $9.99

AF699 Form

Physiological Training Record (DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement serves) $9.99

AF702 Form

Individual Physiological Training Record (DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement serves) $9.99

AF707 Form

Officer Per Formance Report (Lt thru Col) $9.99

AF709 Form

Promotion Recommendation $9.99

AF710 Form

Combat Arms Training Record $9.99

AF711A Form

USAF Safety Report Checklist and Index $9.99

AF711B Form

USAF Mishap Report $9.99

AF711C Form


AF711D Form

Nuclear Mishap/Incident Report $9.99

AF712 Form

Instructor’s Flight/Dive Record $9.99

AF719 Form

Historical Record-Diesel-Electric Generator and System $9.99

AF723 Form

Sorts Doc Statement $9.99

AF724A Form

Field Grade Officer Per Formance Feedback Workdsheet (LRA) $9.99

AF724B Form

Company Grade Officer Per Formance Feedback Worksheet (LRA) $9.99

AF726 Form

Transient Aircraft Service Record $9.99

AF731 Form

Crankshaft Deflection Record $9.99

AF734 Form

Cylinder Liner and Ring Wear Record $9.99

AF739 Form

Injury and Occupational Illness Log for Military and Civilian Personnel $9.99

AF741 Form

Nomination for Distinguished EEO Award $9.99

AF743 Form

Request for Adjustment to Directed Program $9.99

AF753 Form

Roofing Specification Requirements Data Sheet $9.99

AF754 Form

Work Order Log and Quality Control Record (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF765 Form

Medical Treatment Facility Incident Statement $9.99

AF766 Form

Extended Active Duty Order $9.99

AF771 Form

Accounting of Disclosures $9.99

AF776 Form

Air Force Newspaper Evaluation Checklist $9.99

AF778 Form

Reserve Appointment Order $9.99

AF780 Form

Officer Separation Actions $9.99

AF781 Form

Multiple Item Prescription Not in Word Not in Word

AF785 Form

Earnings Statement (USAF) Non-Appropriated Fund Workers Compensation Program $9.99

AF786 Form

Patient’s Authorization for Release of Medical In Formation $9.99

AF791 Form

Aerial Tanker In-Flight Issue Log $9.99

AF797 Form

Job Qualification Standard Continuation/Command JQS $9.99

AF901 Form

Reenlistment Eligibility Annex to DD Form 4 $9.99

AF905 Form

Linen Exchange Inventory Report $9.99

AF907 Form

Relocation Preparation Checklist $9.99

AF910 Form

Enlisted Per Formance Report (AB thru TSgt) $9.99

AF911 Form

Senior Enlisted Per Formance Report (MSgt thru CMSgt) $9.99

AF913 Form

Aerospace Vehicle Project Action $9.99

AF917 Form

GDIP Equipment Submission Worksheet and Checklist $9.99

AF919 Form

BCE In-Service Plan Worksheet $9.99

AF922 Form

Individual Jump Record $9.99

AF923 Form

Requisition Worksheet $9.99

AF925 Form

Senior Executive Appraisal $9.99

AF931 Form


AF932 Form

Per Formance Feedback Worksheet (MSGT thru CMSGT) (LRA) $9.99

AF934 Form

Requisition for USAF Officer $9.99

AF935 Form

Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Plan $29.00

AF935A Form

Periodontal Maintenance Record $29.00

AF935B Form

Plaque Index/Bleeding Point Record $9.99

AF937 Form

Request And Authorization For Dependent(s) Travel $9.99

AF938 Form

Request and Authorization for Active Duty Training/Active Tour $9.99

AF942 Form

Record of Evaluation $9.99

AF943 Form

Explosives Site Plan $9.99

AF944 Form

Medical Certificate for Conditional Reserve Status and Regular Appointment Not in Word Not in Word

AF948 Form

Application for Correction/Removal of Evaluation Reports $9.99

AF964 Form

PCS, TDY or Training Declination Statement $9.99

AF965 Form

Oversea Tour Election Statement $9.99

AF967 Form

Food Production Order $9.99

AF968 Form

Community College of the Air Force Action Request $9.99

AF969 Form

Request for Payment of Transportation Expenses for Deceased Dependent or Retiree $9.99

AF970 Form

Statement on Disposition of Remains $9.99

AF972 Form

Request and Authorization for Emergency Leave Travel $9.99

AF973 Form

Request and Authorization for Change of Administrative Orders $9.99

AF977 Form

Food Facility Evaluation $9.99

AF988 Form

Leave Request/Authorization $9.99

AF997 Form

Daily Well Activity Record $9.99

AF1000 Form

IDEA Application $9.99

AF1000-1 Form

IDEA Evaluation and Transmittal $9.99

AF1001 Form

Award Recommendation Transmittal $9.99

AF1005 Form

Retired Pay Inquiry Record $9.99

AF1018 Form

Armament Recording Program (ARP) Status Report $9.99

AF1019 Form

Armament Recording Program Mission Data $9.99

AF1023 Form

Youth Flight Record of Injuries (LRA) $9.99

AF1024 Form

Confined Spaces Entry Permit $9.99

AF1028 Form

Facility Pre-Fire Plan $9.99

AF1033 Form

Academic Education Data $9.99

AF1034 Form

Extended Active Duty Agreement (OfficerTraining School) Air Force Reserves $9.99

AF1036 Form

Band Personnel and Per Formance Report $9.99

AF1038 Form

Food Service Evaluation Record $9.99

AF1040 Form

Operational Audit Data $9.99

AF1041 Form

Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty Log $9.99

AF1042 Form

Medical Recommendations for Flying or Special Operational Duty $9.99

AF1042 Form

Request and Authorization for Student Dependent Travel (PDF) $9.99

AF1046 Form

Zero Overpricing Challenge/Referral $9.99

AF1047 Form

Automotive Craft Center Work, Parking and Storage Permit $9.99

AF1048 Form

Military Spouse In Formation $9.99

AF1053 Form

Records of Patients Storing Valuables $9.99

AF1055 Form

Youth Flight Medication Permission $9.99

AF1056 Form

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Contract $9.99

AF1065 Form

Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Civilian Position Description $9.99

AF1067 Form

Modification Proposal $9.99

AF1071 Form

Inspection/Maintenance Record $9.99

AF1072 Form

Authorized Long Distance Telephone Calls $9.99

AF1075 Form

Casualty Personnel Roster $9.99

AF1078 Form

Fire Truck and Equipment Test and Inspection Record $9.99

AF1081 Form

BCE Work Request/Work Order Register $9.99

AF1082 Form


AF1085 Form

Fire Protection Training $9.99

AF1092 Form

Court-Martial Findings Worksheet $9.99

AF1093 Form

Sentence Worksheet $9.99

AF1094 Form


AF1098 Form

Special Task Certification and Recurring Training $9.99

AF1109 Form

Visitor Register Log $9.99

AF1111 Form

Work Sampling Record $9.99

AF1119 Form

Monthly Monetary Records $9.99

AF1119-1PG1 Form

Field Feeding Monthly Monetary Record $9.99

AF1119-1PG2 Form

Field Feeding Monthly Monetary Record $9.99

AF1121 Form

Payment Suppression Register (JUMPS) $9.99

AF1122 Form

Personal Property and Personal Effects Inventory $9.99

AF1122A Form

Personal Property Inventory (Continuation sheet) $9.99

AF1134 Form

Unit Leave Authorization Numbers-Block Assignments $9.99

AF1137 Form

Unfavorable In Formation File Summary $9.99

AF1139 Form

Request For Tumor Board Appraisal and Recommendation $9.99

AF1144 Form

Civilian Employee Emergency Pay Data $9.99

AF1146 Form

Engineering Change Request/Authorization $9.99

AF1147 Form

Request for Engineering Data $9.99

AF1151 Form

Training Attendance and Rating $9.99

AF1160 Form

Military Retirement Actions $9.99

AF1168 Form

Statement of Suspect/Witness/Complaint $9.99

AF1176 Form

Authority to Search and Seize $9.99

AF1178 Form

FY Project Cost Estimate Summary $9.99

AF1178a Form

FY_ Project Cost Estimate Worksheet-Building Description $9.99

AF1178b Form

FY_ Project Cost Estimate Worksheet-Detail Cost Estimate $9.99

AF1180 Form

Action on Physical Evaluation Board Findings and Recommended Disposition $9.99

AF1181 Form

Air Force Youth Flight Program Patron Requisition $9.99

AF1183 Form

Child Development/Enrichment Program Hourly Record of Attendance Instructions $9.99

AF1185 Form

Statement of Record Data $9.99

AF1187 Form

Youth Flight Accident Report (LRA) $9.99

AF1188 Form

Overseas Civilian Personnel Request $9.99

AF1192 Form

USAF Installations Characteristics Report $9.99

AF1205 Form

Tamper Resistant and Bulk Narcotic Training Accountability Record $9.99

AF1206 Form

Nomination for Award $9.99

AF1209 Form

Document Transmittal (JUMPS) $9.99

AF1217 Form

In Formational Program (IP) Data Card $9.99

AF1218 Form

Request for Communications Service $9.99

AF1219 Form

BCE Multi-Craft Job Order $9.99

AF1222 Form

Boiler or Pressure Vessel Inspection Report $9.99

AF1223 Form

Dental Appointment Register $9.99

AF1223B Form

Dental Appointment Register (6-provider) $9.99

AF1224 Form

Blood Transfusion Reaction Investigation $9.99

AF1225 Form

In Formed Consent for Blood Transfusion $9.99

AF1226 Form

Pulmonary Function Studies $9.99

AF1227 Form

Authority for Tuition Assistance-Education Services Program $9.99

AF1229 Form

Application for Conditional Reserve Status $9.99

AF1230 Form

Standard Reporting Designator (SRD) Candidate In Formation $9.99

AF1231 Form

Record of Receipts (USAF Stock Fund-Fuels Division) $9.99

AF1233 Form

Bulk Storage Summary $9.99

AF1234 Form

Fueling Unit Inventory $9.99

AF1235 Form

Physical Inventory (Fuels/Missile Propellants) $9.99

AF1237 Form

Inventory (Fuels/Missiles Propellants) $9.99

AF1243 Form

ACPINS Data and Control Record $9.99

AF1244PG1 Form


AF1244PG2 Form


AF1254 Form

Register of Cash Collection Sheets $9.99

AF1255 Form

Quality Control Evaluation $9.99

AF1256 Form

Certificate of Training (LRA) Not in Word Not in Word

AF1261 Form

Communications and In Formation Systems Acceptance Certificate Not in Word Not in Word

AF1268 Form

Application and Agreement for the Establishment of an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment $9.99

AF1270 Form

Air Force Chaplain Service Customer and Personnel Satisfaction Surveys $9.99

AF1270A Form

Chaplain Service Statistical Report $9.99

AF1271 Form

Military Equal Opportunity Record of Assistance $9.99

AF1274 Form

Physiological Training $9.99

AF1279 Form

Disclosure and Record of Invention $9.99

AF1280 Form

Invention Rights Questionnaire $9.99

AF1283 Form

NATO Classified Material Briefing Statement-National Courier $9.99

AF1285 Form

NATO Classified Material Briefing Statement-International Courier $9.99

AF1288 Form

APPLICATION FOR READY RESERVE ASSIGNMENT (one of our most popular Forms!) $9.99

AF1289 Form

Application for Active Duty Training (RPA Tour) $9.99

AF1293 Form

Request and Authorization for Assignment and Relocation of Contractor Personnel $9.99

AF1297 Form

Temporary Issue Receipt $9.99

AF1299 Form

Officer’s Certificate of Statement of Service Not in Word Not in Word

AF1302 Form

Request and Consent for Sterilization $9.99

AF1311 Form

Monthly Report of Federal Civilian Employment $9.99

AF1313 Form

Driver Record $9.99

AF1314 Form

Firearms Registration $9.99

AF1320A Form

Training Chart $9.99

AF1326 Form

Change of Occupancy Record $9.99

AF1327 Form

Family Housing Management (Available as EF/SS in ACES) $9.99

AF1332 Form

Government Transportation Request and Meal Ticket Register $9.99


Government Bill of Lading Register-Inbound $9.99


Government Bill of Lading Register-Outbound $9.99

AF1341 Form

Electronic Record Inventory $9.99

AF 1343

Retired, Annuitant Pay System Miscellaneous Changes $9.99

AF1347 Form

Test Program Outline $9.99

AF1349 Form

Watch Item Service Report Log $9.99

AF1352 Form

Hyperbaric Patient In Formation and Therapy Record $9.99

AF1354 Form

Hyperbaric Chamber Operation Record (LRA) $9.99

AF1359 Form

Report of Result of Trial $9.99

AF1360 Form

Worksheet for Balancing JUMPS MAFR Reconciliation Report $9.99

AF1361 Form

Pick Up/Restriction Order (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF1364 Form

Consent for Search and Seizure $9.99

AF1371 Form

Statement of Declination of Regular Air Force Appointment $9.99

AF1377 Form

Expendable Issue Register $9.99

AF1378 Form

Civilian Personnel Position Description $9.99

AF1380 Form

Record of Off-Base Mileage $9.99

AF1381 Form

USAF Certification of Aircrew Training $9.99

AF1382 Form

Request For Review Of Publications And/Or Forms $9.99

AF1386 Form

Advice of Transactions Paid for Others (Not LRA) $9.99

AF1387 Form

Receipt-Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund $9.99

AF1388 Form

Summary Receipt Voucher-Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund $9.99

AF1390 Form

Withdrawal Request-Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund (I) $9.99

AF1391 Form

Group Purchase Voucher-Inmate”s Personal Deposit Fund (I) $9.99

AF1392 Form

Summary Disbursement Voucher-Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund $9.99

AF1393 Form

Petty Cash Voucher-Inmate”s Personal Deposit Fund (I) $9.99

AF1398 Form

Daily Status-Inmate’s Personal Deposit Fund $9.99

AF1403 Form

Roster of Seriously Ill/Very Seriously Ill (LRA) $9.99

AF1408 Form

Nonappropriated Fund Call Register $9.99

AF1411 Form

Extension or Cancellation of Extensions of Enlistment in the Regular Air Force/Air Force Reserve $9.99

AF1417 Form

Sedation Clinical Record Not in Word

AF1418 Form

Recommendation for Flying or Special Operation Duty-Dental $9.99

AF1426 Form

Senior Executive Service Executive Enhancement Plan $9.99

AF1429 Form

Repair Parts Inventory Balance Record $9.99

AF1436 Form

Real Property Accountable Record-Railroads (LRA) $9.99

AF1437 Form

Real Property Voucher Register $9.99

AF1441 Form

Real Property Voucher $9.99

AF1442 Form

Real Property Engineering Data $9.99

AF1443 Form

Real Property Card Control Register $9.99

AF1444 Form

Certification of the Air Reserve Pay and Allowance System (ARPAS) Input Transactions $9.99

AF1458 Form

Daily Steam Boiler Plant Operating Log $9.99

AF1459 Form

Water Treatment Operating Log for Steam and Hot Water Boilers $9.99

AF1462 Form in Word

Water Pollution Control Utility Operating Log IN WORD $9.99

AF1462 Form in EXCEL

Water Pollution Control Utility Operating Log IN EXCEL $18.50

AF1464 Form

Monthly Steam Boiler Plant Operating Log $9.99

AF1466 Form

Request for Family Member’s Medical and Educational Clearance for Travel $9.99

AF1466 Form

Request for Family Member’s Medical and Education Clearance for Travel $9.99

AF1466D Form

Dental Health Summary $9.99

AF1469PG1 Form

Subsistence-in-Kind (SIK) Invalid Entitlements Log (LRA) $9.99

AF1469PG2 Form

Subsistence-in-Kind (SIK) Invalid Entitlements Log (LRA) $9.99

AF1473 Form

Gun Equipment Room Inventory $9.99

AF1474 Form

Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data $9.99

AF1477 Form

Construction Inspection Report $9.99

AF1480B Form

Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flowsheet Continuation Sheet $9.99

AF1486 Form

Unit Leave Control Log $9.99

AF1487 Form

Fire Prevention Visit Report $9.99

AF1489 Form

Audiological Evaluation Results $9.99

AF1505 Form

License to Occupy Mobile Home Space $9.99

AF1508 Form

Selected Balances for Accrual Reporting $9.99

AF1520 Form

ARMS Individual Flight Pay Entitlement Worksheet $9.99

AF1521 Form

ARMS Individual Jump Pay Entitlement Worksheet $9.99

AF1522 Form

ARMS Additional Training Accomplishment Report $9.99

AF1528 Form

Authorization to Obtain Social Security Earnings In Formation $9.99

AF1529 Form

Authorization to Obtain Social Security Earnings In Formation on a Deceased Individual $9.99

AF1534 Form

CEM CDB Report $9.99

AF1535 Form

Physical Therapy Consultation (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF1536 Form

Physical Therapy Consultation-Continuation Sheet $9.99

AF1540 Form

Application for Clinical Privileges/ Medical Staff Appointment $29.00

AF1540A Form

Application for Clinical Privileges/Medical Staff Appointment Update $9.99

AF1541 Form

Credentials Continuing Health Education Training Record $9.99

AF1543 Form

Advice of Rejection $9.99

AF1544 Form

Advice Of Rejection MAC Airlift Service Industrial Fund Charges $9.99

AF1545 Form

Advice of Acknowledgment-Transactions by Others (PDF) $9.99

AF1546 Form

Request for Flight Surface Reservations $9.99

AF1550 Form

Alcoholism Rehabilitation Center Report (LRA) $9.99

AF1553 Form

Net Weight Examination Record $9.99

AF1557 Form

F-100 EHR Report $9.99

AF1559 Form

D042 TCTO Status Report $9.99

AF1562 Form

Credentials Evaluation of Health Care Practitioners $9.99

AF1565 Form

Entry, Receipt and Destruction Certificate Not in Word Not in Word

AF1566 Form

WAPS Test Verification $9.99

AF1584 Form

USAF Aero Club Standardization Record $9.99

AF1585 Form

Convenant Not to Sue and Indemnity Agreement $9.99

AF1587 Form

Military Equal Opportunity Formal Complaint Summary $9.99

AF1587-1 Form

Military Equal Opportunity In Formal Complaint Summary $9.99

AF1592 Form

Daily Summary Sheet (8 or 12 Hour shift) $9.99

AF1594 Form

Patient Classification Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) Testing Instrument $9.99

AF1597 Form

Air Force Law Enforcement Terminal System Documentation $9.99

AF1601 Form

Spray Processor Temperature and Pressure Log $9.99

AF1603 Form

Mission Densitometric Readout Data $9.99

AF1604 Form

Titling Checklist $9.99

AF1605 Form

Equipment $9.99

AF1609 Form

Artist-Craftsman Contest Entry $9.99

AF1613 Form

Statement of Service $9.99

AF1621 Form

Evaluation of Individual Noise Exposure (LRA) $9.99

AF1622 Form

Engineering Noise Survey $9.99

AF1626 Form

Notice of Costs Suspended and/or Disapproved $9.99

AF1627 Form

Engineering and Technical Services Report $9.99

AF1627a Form

Engineering and Technical Services Report (Continuation Sheet) $9.99

AF1630 Form

Central Skills Bank Registration and Geographic Availability $9.99

AF1631 Form

NATO Travel Order/Ordre De Mission OTAN Not in Word.

AF1633 Form

Task Line Item Termination Notice $9.99

AF1635 Form

Task Order (LRA) $9.99

AF1650B Form

Field Feeding Summary $9.99

AF1658 Form

Parts List $9.99

AF1659 Form

Data List $9.99

AF1660 Form

Index List $9.99

AF1661 Form

Tube Bend Drawing $9.99

AF1664 Form

Application for Relocation Services Program $9.99

AF1665 Form

Issue and Control of Meal Cards Inspection $9.99

AF1667 Form

Supply Difficulty Report $9.99

AF1670 Form

Valuable Property Record $9.99

AF1671 Form

Detailed Hearing Conservation Data Follow-Up $9.99

AF1672 Form

Hearing Conservation Diagnostic Center Referral $9.99

AF1686 Form

Cathodic Protection Operating Log for Sacrificial Anode System (Not LRA) $9.99

AF1687 Form

Leak/Failure Data Record Resource Advocac/Corrosion Control Metric $9.99

AF1688 Form

Annual Cathodic Protection Per Formance Survey (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF1689 Form

Water Tank Calibration $9.99

AF1702 Form

Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Position Guide $9.99

AF1708 Form

Dishonored Check Control Record $9.99

AF1710 Form

Membership Application-AFB AERO Club $9.99

AF1711 Form

USAF Test Pilot School Application $9.99

AF1712 Form

Special Flying Program Recommendation $9.99

AF1722 Form

Optometric Examination Record $9.99

AF1727 Form

Civilian Career External Applicant System Registration and Personal Geographic $9.99

AF1736 Form

NAF Cash Management and Investment Program Account Verification $9.99

AF1743 Form

Interview Evaluation $9.99

AF1744 Form

Palace Acquire Intern Interview Rating $9.99

AF1753 Form

Hearing Conservation Examination (LRA) $9.99

AF1754 Form

Job Capability and Safety Analysis (LRA) $9.99

AF1759 Form

Air Force Attorney Application Instructions and Forms $9.99

AF1761 Form

International Student Status Report $9.99

AF1762 Form

HIV Log/Specimen Transmittal $9.99

AF1764 Form

Major Assembly/Component Status Change Report $9.99

AF1768 Form

Staff Summary Sheet $9.99

AF1771 Form

Contractor Engineering Technical Service Funding Document $9.99

AF1780 Form

Request to Establish/Change Foreign Language Designated Position (LDP) or Language Capability Positi $9.99

AF1781 Form

Remission Application $9.99

AF1786 Form

Application for Appointment to the United States Air Force Academy Under Quota Allotted to Enlisted Members of the Regular & Reserve Components of the Air Force $9.99

AF1800 Form

Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report (General Purpose Vehicles) $9.99

AF1801 Form

Postmortem Dental Record (DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement serves) $9.99

AF1802 Form

Antemortem Dental Record $9.99

AF1803 Form

Dental Identification Summary Report $9.99

AF1804 Form

NAF Interfund Dollar Transfer $9.99

AF1806 Form

Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report (Aircraft Towing, Base Maintenance Deicers, High Reach replaced order 1800 instead

AF1807 Form

Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report (Fuel Servicing) $9.99

AF1808 Form

In Formation Sheet for Virus Isolation $9.99

AF1810 Form

Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report (463L & Material Handling Equipment (MHE))-REPLACED BY 1800; ORDER AF1800 ABOVE.

AF1812 Form

Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report (For All "P"-Series Firefighting Vehicle) $9.99

AF1815 Form

Difficulty Report (DIREP) Worksheet $9.99

AF1823 Form

Vehicle and Equipment Work Order $9.99

AF1824 Form

Motor Vehicle Work Order Status $9.99

AF1827 Form

Minor Maintenance Work Order $9.99

AF1829 Form

Refueling Equipment Inspection Record $9.99

AF1830 Form

Refueling Equipment Hose Installation and Hydrostatic Test Data Record $9.99

AF1831 Form

Indirect Labor Time Card $9.99

AF1832 Form

Record of Cannibalization $9.99

AF1837 Form

COPARS Working Stock Consumption Records $9.99

AF1841 Form

Maintenance Action Sheet $9.99


Request for and Record of Organizational Account $9.99

AF1857 Form

Military Assistance Program Budget Estimate Costs by Object Classification (LRA) $9.99

AF1858 Form

Military Assistance Program Budget Estimate Cost By Object Classification $9.99

AF1859 Form

Military Assistance Program Budget Estimate Narrative Justification $9.99

AF1860 Form

Military Assistance Program Budget Estimate Forecast of Grant Aid Deliveries (PDF) $9.99

AF1861 Form

Military Assistance Program Budget Estimate Logistics Management Expense Personnel Distribution $9.99

AF 1864

Perioperative Nursing Record $30

AF1875A Form


AF1875PG2 Form


AF1880 Form


AF1881 Form

Hostile Fire Pay Certification and MPO (LRA) $9.99

AF1887 Form


AF1894 Form

Summary of Allowable Gross Loads $9.99

AF1895 Form

Construction History $9.99

AF1896 Form

PCI Calculation Sheet $9.99

AF1928 Form

Family Day Care License Application (LRA) $9.99

AF1929 Form

Child Development Center Daily Reservation Log $9.99

AF1930 Form

Youth Flight Daily Attendance Record (LRA) $9.99

AF1931 Form

Family Day Care Approval Record $9.99

AF1934 Form

Leave Record-Air Reserve Forces $9.99

AF1941 Form

Application for Developmental Education (In Residence) $9.99

AF1946 Form

Honor Guard Checklist $9.99

AF1947 Form

Escort Report $9.99

AF1954 Form

Environmental Compliance Requirements $9.99

AF1961 Form

Reserve Payroll Certification $9.99

AF1962 Form

Electronic Reserve Pay and Allowances or Benefits From Prior Military Service $9.99

AF1970 Form

Uniform Maintenance Allowance $9.99

AF1971 Form

Certification for Incapacitation Pay $9.99

AF1975 Form

Fitness Improvement Activity Log-Aerobic Training-Strength Training $9.99

AF1981 Form

Invention Evaluation $9.99

AF1981 Form

AFIT Sponsored Medical Service Continuing Education Course Application $9.99

AF1988 Form

Summary of Individual Training (TJAGDR) $9.99

AF1989 Form

Air Force Reserve Judge Advocate Training Guideline $9.99

AF1991 Form

General Purpose Creation $9.99

AF1996 Form

Adjusted Stock Level $9.99

AF2001 Form

Notification of TCTO Kit Requirements $9.99

AF2005 Form

Issue/Turn-In Request Not in Word

AF2006 Form

Tape Utilization Log $9.99

AF2009-1 Form

Manual Supply Accounting Record $9.99

AF2011 Form

Base Supply ADPE Work Request $9.99

AF2025 Form

Post-Calibration Radiation Inspection Record Radiographic $9.99

AF2026 Form

Post-Calibration Radiation Inspection Record Fluoroscopic $9.99

AF2027 Form

Audiometer Calibration Record $9.99

AF2028 Form

Ultrasonic Therapy Unit Inspection Record $9.99

AF2030 Form

USAF Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate Not in Word Not in Word

AF2033 Form

Wing/Base Listing of Combat, Combat Support, and Combat Service Support Units $9.99

AF2037 Form

Request for Waiver of Spouse Concurrence in Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Election $9.99

AF2042 Form

Recreation Program Plan $9.99

AF2043 Form

Recreation Daily Attendance and Program Record $9.99

AF2044 Form

Consolidated Program/Expenditure Record (PDF) $9.99

AF2045 Form

Bingo Perpetual Inventory $9.99

AF2046 Form

NAFI Bingo Activity Report $9.99

AF2047 Form

Explosives Facility License $9.99

AF2070 Form

JUMPS Pay Accessibility Roster $9.99

AF2075 Form

Job Analysis Worksheet $9.99

AF2076 Form

Progression Level Factor (PLF) Analysis $9.99

AF2077 Form

Promotion Evaluation Pattern (PEP) Worksheet $9.99

AF2078 Form

PEP Continuation Worksheet $9.99

AF2079 Form

Selection Interview Worksheet (LRA) $9.99

AF2080 Form

Interview Worksheet $9.99

AF2096 Form

Classification/On-The-Job Training Action $9.99

AF2098 Form

Duty Status Change $9.99

AF2101 Form


AF2111 Form


AF2121 Form


AF2131 Form

History Operations After-Action Report $9.99

AF2276 Form

Request for Productivity Investment Funds (PIF) $9.99

AF2282 Form

Statement of Adverse Effect-Use of Government Facilities $9.99

AF2288 Form

Request for Fast Payback Capital Investment (FASCAP) Funds $9.99

AF2382 Form

Pharmacy Bulk Compounding Chronological Control Log (LRA) $9.99

AF2388 Form

Participation In Formation (Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Retirement Plan) $9.99

AF2391 Form

Termination In Formation (Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Retirement Plan) $9.99

AF2395 Form

Evidence of Age (USAF Nonappropriated Fund Retirement Plan) $9.99

AF2399 Form

Privacy Act Statement-USAF NAF Group Life and Health Insurance Program (PDF) $9.99

AF2745 Form

Treatment Committee Meeting $9.99

AF2753 Form

Radiological Sampling Form $9.99

AF2760 Form

Laser Hazard Evaluation $9.99

AF2767PG1 Form

Occupational Health Training and Protective Equipment Fit Testing (LRA) $9.99

AF2767PG2 Form

Occupational Health Training and Protective Equipment Fit Testing (LRA) $9.99

AF2772 Form

Certificate of Respirator Fit Test Not in Word Not in Word

AF2773 Form

Respirator Selection Worksheet $9.99

AF2799 Form

NAF Personnel Action Worksheet No. 4 $9.99

AF2400 Form

Functional Check Flight Log $9.99

AF2401 Form

Equipment Utilization and Maintenance Schedule $9.99

AF2402 Form

Weekly Equipment Utilization and Maintenance Schedule $9.99

AF2403 Form

Weekly Aircraft Utilization/Maintenance Schedule $9.99

AF2406 Form

Maintenance Pre-plan $9.99

AF2407 Form

Weekly/ Daily Flying Schedule Coordination $9.99

AF2408 Form

Generation Maintenance Plan $9.99

AF2409 Form

Generation Sequence Action Schedule $9.99

AF2410 Form

Inspection/TCTO Planning Checklist $9.99

AF2411 Form

Inspection Document $9.99

AF2414 Form

Verification Worksheet $9.99

AF2419 Form

Routing and Review of Quality Control Reports Not in Word Send PDF for an estimate to make in Word

AF2420 Form

Quality Control Inspection Summary $9.99

AF2422 Form

Maintenance Analysis Referral $9.99

AF2426 Form

Training Request and Completion Notification $9.99

AF2427 Form

Lock and Key Control Register $9.99

AF2430 Form

Specialist Dispatch Control Log $9.99

AF2431 Form

Aerospace Ground Equipment Status $9.99

AF2432 Form

Key Issue Log $9.99

AF2432 Form

Munitions Configuration and Expenditure Document $9.99

AF2435 Form

Load Training and Certification Document $9.99

AF2446 Form

Schedule of Technician Availability $9.99

AF2447 Form

Telephone Trouble Log $9.99

AF2451 Form

Financial Statement-Remission of Indebtedness (LRA) $9.99

AF2453 Form

Tuberculosis Detection and Control Data $9.99

AF2464 Form

CTIM Telephone Diet Order $9.99

AF2473 Form

Home of Selection Travel and Transportation Entitlements $9.99

AF2503 Form

Nutritional Medicine Service Patient Evaluation $9.99

AF2504 Form

Nutritional Medicine Service Patron Evaluation $9.99

AF2508 Form

Patient Calorie Count Sheet $9.99

AF2511 Form

Deployment Schedule of Events-Cargo $9.99

AF2511A Form

Deployment Schedule of Events-Personnel $9.99

AF2512 Form

Deployment Schedule of Events-Loading Schedule $9.99

AF2518 Form

Deployment Packing List $9.99

AF2519 Form

All Purpose Checklist $9.99

AF2520 Form

Repair Cycle Control Log $9.99

AF2521 Form

Turnaround Transaction Log $9.99

AF2522 Form

Family Advocacy Program Intake $9.99

AF2523 Form

Special Needs Identification and Assignment Coordination In Formation Form $9.99

AF2526 Form

Child Maltreatment Cover Sheet (LRA) $9.99

AF2530 Form


AF2534 Form

NAF Property Disposal/Transfer Receipt $9.99

AF2539 Form

NAF Disbursement Request $9.99

AF2541 Form

NAF Journal Voucher $9.99

AF2547 Form

NAF Service and Reimburseable Agreement $9.99

AF2548 Form

NAFI Request for Personnel Action $9.99

AF2550 Form


AF2555 Form


AF2556 Form

NAF Surprise or General Cashier’s Cash Account $9.99

AF2567 Form

Diet Order Change $9.99

AF2568 Form

Nourishment Request $9.99

AF2572PG1 Form

Nutritional Assessment of Dietary Intake (LRA) $9.99

AF2572PG2 Form

Nutritional Assessment of Dietary Intake (LRA) $9.99

AF2573 Form

Diet Census $9.99

AF2577 Form

Medical Food Service-Daily Work Assignment $9.99

AF2578 Form

Medical Food Service Work Schedule $9.99

AF2581 Form

Daily Absenteeism Record $9.99

AF2583 Form

Request for Personnel Security Action $9.99

AF2584 Form

Record of Personnel Security Investigation and Clearance $9.99

AF2586 Form

Unescorted Entry Authorization Certificate Not in Word Not in Word

AF2587 Form

Security Termination Statement $9.99

AF2593 Form

General Support Division Operating Program/Issue Sales/Creditable Returns $9.99

AF2594 Form

General Support Division Operating Program Transition From Stratification To Material Requirements $9.99

AF2596 Form

Division Operating Program-Monthly Operating Plan (LRA) $9.99

AF2597 Form

General Support Division Operating Program Inventory Status and Transition Schedule $9.99

AF2599 Form

General Support Operating Program Break Out of FY Objectives $9.99

AF2605 Form

List of Inspection Equipment (LRA) $9.99

AF2606 Form

Index of Inspection Equipment Lists $9.99

AF2620 Form

Contracting Career Program (CCP) Technical Appraisal $9.99

AF2631 Form

Palace Chase Statement of Understanding/Contract $9.99

AF2639 Form

Fish/Wildlife/Outdoor Recreation (LRA) $9.99

AF2640 Form

Nonappropriated Fund Contract/Award (PDF) $9.99

AF2641 Form

Nonappropriated Fund Solicitation, Officer and Award (PDF) $9.99

AF2642 Form

In Formational Program Activities $9.99

AF2660 Form

Air Force Medical Service Continuing Health Education Attendance Record $9.99

AF2661 Form

AF Medical Service Application for Approval of Continuing Health Education Offering (Pg2) $9.99

AF2662 Form

Continuing Health Education Curriculum VITAE for Instructor $9.99

AF2663 Form

Continuing Health Education Program Outline $9.99

AF2664 Form

AF Nurse Corps Application for Recognition of Cat A, B, and C Continuing Educ Actives $9.99

AF2665 Form

Air Force Nurse Corps Education Summary $9.99

AF2676 Form

NAF Personnel Action Worksheet No. 1 $9.99

AF2677 Form

NAF Personnel Action Worksheet No. 2 $9.99

AF2678 Form

NAF Personnel Action Worksheet No. 3 $9.99

AF2691 Form

Aircraft/Missile Equipment Property Record $9.99

AF2692 Form

Aircraft/Missile Equipment Transfer/Shipping Listing $9.99

AF2800 Form

Individual/Family Data $9.99

AF2801 Form

Interview and Follow Up Summary $9.99

AF2805 Form

Volunteer Data Card and Service Record $9.99

AF2815 Form


AF2816 Form


AF2816-1 Form


AF2816-2 Form


AF2817 Form


AF2817-1 Form

Clinical Privileges-Pediatric Nurse Practitioner $9.99

AF2818-1 Form


AF2818-11 Form


AF2818-2 Form


AF2818-4 Form


AF2818-6 Form


AF2818-7 Form


AF2818-8 Form


AF2818-9 Form


AF2819 Form


AF2819-1 Form


AF2820 Form


AF2820-1 Form


AF2820-2 Form


AF2821 Form


AF2822 Form


AF2823 Form


AF2824 Form


AF2825 Form


AF2826 Form


AF2827 Form


AF2828 Form


AF2829 Form


AF2830 Form


AF2900 Form

Operating Budget Requirements-FY Operating Budget (LRA-For Budget Offices Use Only) $9.99

AF2903 Form

Inflation Summary-FY Operating Budget (LRA-For Budget Offices Use Only) $9.99

AF2929 Form

Program Summary-Commercial Communications and Networks-FY Financial Plan (LRA-For Budget Offices Use Only) $9.99

AF2932 Form

Inflation Summary-FY Financial Plan (LRA-For Budget Offices Use Only) $9.99

AF2934 Form

Changes in Program Data-FY Financial Plan (LRA-For Budget Offices Use Only) $9.99

AF2960 Form

Special Program Summary-FY Financial Plan (LRA-For Budget Offices Use Only) $9.99

AF3000 Form

Material Approval tal $9.99

AF3002 Form

Subsistence Strength Report $9.99

AF3009 Form

Change to Enlistment Agreement-Air Force $9.99

AF3010 Form

USAF Statement of Understanding For Dependent Care Responsibilities $9.99

AF3018 Form

Military Equal Opportunity/Human Relations Education Summary $9.99

AF3023 Form

Notice of Undeliverable Savings Bonds (LRA) $9.99

AF3029 Form

Lesson Assignment and Evaluation (LRA) $9.99

AF3045 Form

The Air Force Ready Reserve Stipend Program (AFRRSP) Contract $9.99

AF3046 Form

The Air Force Ready Reserve Stipend Program (AFRRSP) Certificate of Enrollment (LRA) Not in Word Not in Word

AF3047 Form

The Air Force Ready Reserve Stipend Program (AFRRSP) Health Status Questionnaire (LRA) $9.99

AF3059 Form

Staff Judge Advocate Coordination Sheet Procurement Contract $9.99

AF3064 Form

Contract Progress Schedule $9.99

AF3065 Form

Contract Progress Report $9.99

AF3066-1 Form

Doctor’s Orders $9.99

AF3067 Form

Intravenous Record $9.99

AF3068 Form

PRN Medication Administration Record (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF3069 Form

Medication Administration Record (NOT LRA) $9.99

AF3070 Form

Record of Nonjudicial Punishment Proceedings $9.99

AF3078 Form

Monthly Personnel Time and Salary Distribution Worksheet $9.99

AF3126 Form

General Purpose $9.99

AF3130 Form

General Purpose $9.99

AF3131 Form

General Purpose $9.99

AF3132 Form

General Purpose $9.99

AF3136 Form

General Purpose $9.99

AF3137 Form

General Purpose $9.99

AF3153 Form

General Purpose $9.99

AF3202 Form

Medical Expense Summary Sheet $9.99

AF3211 Form

Customer Comments $9.99

AF3212 Form

Record of Supplementary Action Under Article 15, UCMJ $9.99

AF3215 Form

IT/NSS Requirements Document $9.99

AF3217 Form

Commitments to Dispose of Buildings $9.99

AF3221 Form

Absorption Operating Log $9.99

AF3226 Form

Authority to Apprehend in Private Dwelling $9.99

AF3227 Form

Privacy Act Cover Sheet $9.99

AF3241 Form

Adult Admission Note $9.99

AF3244 Form

Pediatric Admission Note $9.99

AF3247 Form

Neonatal Admission Note $9.99

AF3254 Form

Patient Care Plan $9.99

AF3256 Form

Patient/Family Teaching Flow Sheet $9.99

AF3257 Form

ADL/Treatment Flow Sheet $9.99

AF3258 Form

Generic Flow Sheet $9.99

AF3259 Form

Work Activity Sheet $9.99

AF3505 Form

Conditions of Occupancy for Military Family Housing $9.99

AF3506 Form

Customer Initial and Final Evaluation of Quarters Inspection (LRA) $9.99

AF3507 Form


AF3508 Form

Diesel Cylinder Compression and Firing Tests $9.99

AF3509 Form

Daily Power Plant Operating Log (Gas Turbine-Electric) $9.99

AF3510 Form

Automatic Transfer Swich Inspection/Maintenance Report $9.99

AF3514 Form

Inventory Count Worksheet $9.99

AF3515 Form

Cross Service Billing $9.99

AF3516 Form

Food Service Inventory Transfer Receipt $9.99

AF3520 Form

ARMS Aircrew/Mission Flight Data Extract $9.99

AF3525 Form

CCB Modification Requirements and Approval Document $9.99

AF3527 Form


AF3529 Form

Food/Exercise Diary $9.99

AF3531 Form

Message Delivery Register $9.99

AF3532 Form

General Message Record $9.99

AF3533 Form

COMMCEN Message Register $9.99

AF3535 Form

Facsimile Electro Mail Transmittal $9.99

AF3535 Form

Quarterly Air Force Postal Expenditure Report $9.99

AF3535 Form

Retention Recommendation $9.99

AF3540 Form

Do-It-Yourself (DITY) Move Certification $9.99

AF3541 Form

Relocation Income Tax Allowance Employee In Formation Handout $9.99

AF3542 Form

Relocation Income Tax Allowance (RITA)-Year 2 Calculation $9.99

AF3543 Form

Relocation Income Tax Allowance (RITA) Worksheet $9.99

AF3544 Form

Taxable Reimbursements Worksheet $9.99

AF3545 Form

Incident Report (6 PAGES, HARD Form) $79

AF3546 Form

USAF AFFSA FLIP Revision Report $9.99

AF3547 Form

Report of Productivity Enhancing Capital Investment (PECI) Programs Expenditures and Benefits $9.99

AF3550 Form

Annual Utility Service Contract Review for Electric Service $9.99

AF3551 Form

Annual Utility Service Contract Review for Gas Service $9.99

AF3552 Form

Annual Utility Service Contract Review for Water and Sewage Service $9.99

AF3553 Form

Utility Sales Agreement for Non-Federal Organizations $9.99

AF3554 Form

Utility Sales Agreement $9.99

AF3555 Form

Utility Sales Rates, Exhibit $9.99

AF3556 Form

Utility Sales Rates Computation Worksheet $9.99

AF3557 Form

Utility Sales Annual Review $9.99

AF3558 Form

Election Statement/Election of Method of Payment for Group Health Insurance $9.99

AF3559 Form

Reserve Assignment Recommendation $9.99

AF3566 Form

Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Agreement $9.99

AF3568 Form

MICAP/MDC/TCTO Media Conversion Table Update $9.99

AF3569 Form

USAF Museum System Volunteer Application/Registration $9.99

AF3571 Form

USAF Museum System Pro-Offer of Gift Agreement (LRA) $9.99

AF3572 Form

USAF Museum System Loan Agreement (LRA) $9.99

AF3573 Form

USAF Museum Artifact Condition and Conservation Record (LRA) $9.99

AF3578 Form

Tanker Activity Report $9.99

AF3580 Form

USAF Museum Aerospace Vehicle Static Display Acceptance Condition and Safety Certificate (LRA) Not in Word Not in Word

AF3581 Form

USAF Museum Aerospace Vehicle Static Display Maintenance Log (LRA) $9.99

AF3582 Form

USAF Museum System Accession Worksheet $9.99

AF3583 Form

USAF Museum Aerospace Vehicle Static Display/Component Radiation Survey Log (LRA) $9.99

AF3584 Form

USAF Museum Aerospace Veh Static Display/Component Radiation Swipe Log (LRA) $9.99

AF3586 Form

Medical Treatment Facility-Check It Out Data Collection $9.99

AF3587 Form

Quarterly Check It Out Checklist for Appropriated Fund (LRA) $9.99

AF3588 Form

Quarterly Check It Out Checklist for NonAppropriated Fund (LRA) $9.99

AF3594 Form

Security Police Equipment and Manning Report $9.99

AF3598 Form

Civilian Employee Military Reserve/Guard/Retiree Category $9.99

AF3599 Form

Pharmacy Refill Worksheet $9.99

AF3601 Form

AN/URN-5 Meter Reading $9.99

AF3615 Form

Required Data for Per Forming PAR Alignment $9.99

AF3616 Form

Daily Record of Facility Operation $9.99

AF3622 Form

Air Traffic Control/Weather Certification and Rating Record (LRA) $9.99

AF3623 Form

Daily Traffic Count $9.99

AF3624 Form

Equipment Outage Log $9.99

AF3625 Form

Cover Page for ATS Analysis Report $9.99

AF3626 Form

Position Log $9.99

AF3628 Form

TERPS Automation Data Summary $9.99

AF3629 Form

Obstruction Data $9.99

AF3632 Form

Minimum Vectoring Altitude Chart $9.99

AF3633 Form

Minimum Vectoring Altitude Computation $9.99

AF3634 Form

Departure Procedure (DP) $9.99

AF3635 Form

Application of Departure Route Criteria $9.99

AF3636 Form

Application of Diverse Departure Criteria $9.99

AF3637PG1 Form

Instrument Approach Procedure $9.99

AF3637PG2 Form

Instrument Approach Procedure $9.99

AF3640 Form

NonPrecision Computations $9.99

AF3641 Form

Visual Portion Of Finial Worksheet $9.99

AF 3642 Form

Circling Computations $9.99

AF3643 Form

Digital Map Request $9.99

AF3645 Form

PDIP Submission Form $9.99

AF3646 Form

DBRITE Low Altitude Alerting System (LAAS) Data Submission $9.99

AF3651 Form

Per Formance Data-Monthly/Flight Inspection $9.99

AF3653 Form

HF Radio Facility Outage Record $

AF3654 Form

Emergency Action Message $9.99

AF3655 Form

HF Radio Facility Contact and Phone Patch Record $9.99

AF3657 Form

Global HF System Message Blank-Part I $9.99

AF3658 Form

Global HF System Station Alert Log $9.99

AF3669 Form

United States Air Force Global HF System Certification $9.99

AF3803 Form

Surface Weather Observations (METAR/SPECI) $9.99

AF3806 Form

Weather Watch Advisory Log $9.99

AF3807 Form

Watch/Warning Notification and Verification $9.99

AF3808 Form

Hurricane/Typhoon Military Advisory $9.99

AF3809 Form

Centralized Point Warning Log $9.99

AF3810 Form

Weather Warning and Weather Advisory Data $9.99

AF3811 Form

Quality Control Register $9.99

AF3821 Form

Employee Accounting Classfication-Defense Civilian Pay System-Base Level $9.99

AF3822 Form

Landing Zone Survey $9.99

AF3823 Form

Drop Zone Survey $9.99

AF3826 Form

Quarterly Cost Report for General Officer Quarters $9.99

AF3827 Form

Terminal Attack Control Evaluation and Certification $9.99

AF3828 Form

Aeromedical Evaluation Operations Officer Training Record $9.99

AF3829 Form

Summary of Patients Evacuated by Air $9.99

AF3830 Form

Patient Manifest $9.99

AF3831 Form

Ground Training (Qualification Training Record) $9.99

AF3832 Form

Flight Training (Qualification Training Record) $9.99

AF3833 Form

Secondary Aircraft (Qualification Training Record) $9.99

AF3834 Form

AECM Instructor/Examiner Upgrade (Qualification Training Record) $9.99

AF3836 Form

Aeromedical Mission Management-Part II $9.99

AF3837 Form

Comment (Qualification Training Record) $9.99

AF3838 Form

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Certification for Aeromedical Evacuation Not in Word

AF3839 Form

Patient Reporting Data Collection Worksheet $9.99

AF3841 Form

Certificate of Release Not in Word Not in Word

AF3842 Form

Continuation Sheet (Qualification Training Record) $9.99

AF3844 Form

HIV Testing Notification $9.99

AF3845 Form

Preventive Medicine Counseling Record $9.99

AF3847 Form

Deployment Processing TDY Checklist $9.99

AF3849 Form

PME/AFIT/RTFB Officer Worksheet $9.99

AF3851 Form

Patient Baggage Data $9.99

AF3852 Form

Aeromedical Mission Evaluation $9.99

AF3853 Form

Tactical Aeromedical Evaluation Mission $9.99

AF3854 Form

Receipt for Patient’s Valuables $9.99

AF3855 Form

Inflight Nursing Worksheet $9.99

AF3856 Form

Aeromedical Patient Intake/Output Record $9.99

AF3857 Form

Aeromedical Patient Medication Requirements $9.99

AF3858 Form

C-130/C-141 Aeromedical Evacuation Off-load Message $9.99

AF3859 Form

Turn-In of Unaccompanied Narcotics $9.99

AF3860 Form

Aeromedical Patient Record Data $9.99

AF3861 Form

Aeromedical Evacuation Patient Medication Record $9.99

AF3862 Form

Aircrew Evaluation Worksheet $9.99

AF3863 Form

WMSN Monthly Report (8 or 12 Hour Shift) $9.99

AF3889 Form

AE Mission Management Control Log/Report $9.99

AF3890 Form

Aeromedical Evacuation Inpatient Nursing Summary $9.99

AF3891 Form

Patients Reported for Aeromedical Airlift Movement $9.99

AF3892 Form

Patients Holding in Aeromedical Staging Facility $9.99

AF3893 Form

C-141 Aeromedical Evacuation Mission Preparation Checklist $9.99

AF3894 Form

Aeromedical Mission Inbound Notification $9.99

AF3895 Form

Inflight Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest Worksheet $9.99

AF3897 Form

C-141B Patient Positioning Plan AE-2 $9.99

AF3898 Form

C-141B Patient Positioning Plan AE-3 $9.99

AF3899a Form

Aeromedical Evacuation Patient Record (Continuation Sheet) $9.99

AF3900 Form

Quality Control Checksheet $9.99

AF3902 Form

Application and Approval for Off-Duty Employment $9.99

AF3905 Form

C-130 Patient Positioning Plan (LRA) $9.99

AF3907 Form

Security Forces Field Interview Data $9.99

AF3911 Form

Close Observation/Suicide Precaution Record/q 15 Minutes $9.99

AF3912 Form

Generic Mental Health Nursing Flowsheet $9.99

AF3913 Form

Restraint/Seclusion Record/q 15 Minutes $9.99

AF3916 Form

Newborn Flowsheet $9.99

AF3920 Form

Request for Reservist Voluntary Retraining $9.99

AF3922 Form

Adult Preventive Care-Flow Sheet (DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement serves) $9.99

AF3923 Form

Child Preventive Care-Flow Sheet (DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement serves) $9.99

AF3925 Form

Engineering Order $9.99

AF3926 Form

ENGINEERING ORDER (Continuation Sheet) $9.99

AF3927 Form

Engineering Order, Parts List Changes $9.99

AF3928 Form


AF3929 Form


AF3930 Form


AF3933 Form


AF3934 Form

Hospital Agreement Form $9.99

AF3951 Form

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Hardened Intersite Cable Right-of-Way Landowner/Tenant Questionnaire $9.99

AF3952 Form

Chemical Hazardous Material Request/Authorization $9.99

AF3953A Form

Contract Class I Oaone Depleting Substance (ODS) Senior Acquisition Official (SAO) Approval Applicat $9.99

AF3953B Form

Contract Class I Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) Senior Acquisition Official (SAO) Approval Applicat $9.99

AF3954 Form

Man-Day Accounting $9.99

AF3955 Form

Request for Progressive/Pipeline School Tour $9.99

AF3956 Form

Report of Inactive Duty Training Per Formance-AGTP/AFTP (USAFR) $9.99

AF3957 Form

Individual Record of Training $9.99

AF3959 Form

RCC ELT/EPIRB Incident Log $9.99

AF3960 Form

RCC Controller’s Log $9.99

AF3961 Form

RCC Aircraft Incident Log $9.99

AF3962 Form

RCC Non-Aircraft Incident Log $9.99

AF3964 Form

C-12 Mandatory Government Inspection (MGI) Surveillance Plan $9.99

AF3965 Form


AF3966 Form

C-12 Over and Above Work Request $9.99

AF3967 Form

Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) Inspection/Evaluation $9.99

AF3969 Form

Commander’s Unit Climate Assessment Critique $9.99

AF3979 Form

MMLS TERPS Computation $9.99

AF3980 Form

Instrument Procedure Waiver $9.99

AF3982 Form

GPS/RNAV Combination Straight and Turning Missed Approach Length of Section 1 $9.99

AF3983 Form

AF Weather Technical Standardization and Evaluation (AFWTSE) Worksheet $9.99

AF3985 Form

Interview Record $9.99

AF3988 Form

Application for Voluntary Delay, Acceptance, or Declination of Promotion $9.99

AF3992 Form

Instrument Procedure Flyability Check-Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) $9.99

AF3993 Form

Instrument Procedure Flyability Check-Departure Procedures (DP) $9.99

AF3994 Form

Recommendation for Decoration Deployment/Contingency Operation $9.99

AF3997 Form

General Airfield Data $9.99

AF3998 Form

Specific Noise Sensitive Locations $9.99

AF3999 Form

Based Aircraft Operations $9.99

AF4000 Form

Transient Aircraft Operations $9.99

AF4001 Form

Flight Track and Profile $9.99

AF4002 Form

Flight Track Inventory for Runway $9.99

AF4003 Form

Ground Runup Locations $9.99

AF4004 Form

Engine Ground Runup Summary $9.99

AF4005 Form

Individual Deployment Requirements $9.99

AF4006 Form

Unit Deployment Shortfalls $9.99

AF4007 Form

Request and Authorization of Reassignment Orders $9.99

AF4008 Form

Request and Authorization for Initial Active Duty Training/Nonprior Service $9.99

AF4009 Form

Government Purchase Card Fund Cite Authorization $9.99

AF4010 Form

Application for IMA Enlisted Bonus and Incentive $9.99

AF4011 Form

Low Altitude Leaflet Computations $9.99

AF4012 Form

Individual Airdrop Circular Error Record $9.99

AF4013 Form

Modified CARP Solution $9.99

AF4014 Form

Grid Overlay Plotters $9.99

AF4015 Form

High Altitude Release Point Computation $9.99

AF4016 Form

High Altitude Leaflet Computations $9.99

AF4017 Form

Modified High Altitude Release Point Computations $9.99

AF4018 Form

Computed Air Release Point Computations $9.99

AF4019 Form

International Standardization Agreement Ratification and Implementation Data Sheet $9.99

AF4020 Form

International Standardization Agreement Ratification Implementation Data Sheet (Continuation) $9.99

AF4021 Form

Application for Incentive Participation $9.99

AF4023 Form

Aircrew Training Progress Report $9.99

AF4024 Form

Aircrew Training Accomplishment Report $9.99

AF4025 Form

Aircrew Summary/Close-Out Report $9.99

AF4026 Form

Aircrew Training Devices Utilization $9.99

AF4027 Form

Engineering Technical Services Monthly Activity Summary $9.99

AF4028 Form

Close-In Security Area Entry Authorization $9.99

AF4031 Form

CRM Skills Criteria Training/Evaluation $9.99

AF4032 Form

Application for Enlisted Retraining $9.99

AF4036 Form

Application for Senior NCO Academy-In Residence $9.99

AF4037 Form

OAS Briefing/Debriefing Analysis & Review $9.99

AF4038 Form

HH-60 Evaluation Worksheet $9.99

AF4040 Form

C-21 Takeoff/Landing Data (TOLD) $9.99

AF4041 Form

KC-135R Take-Off Data $9.99

AF4044 Form

KC-135 Cargo/Passenger Planning Data $9.99

AF4045 Form

Navigation Report $9.99

AF4046 Form

Celestial PreComputation $9.99

AF4048 Form

Mission Flight Log-Continuation $9.99

AF4049 Form

C-21 Mandatory Government Inspection (MCI) Surveillance Plan $9.99

AF4050 Form

Tactical Mission Fuel Planning (C-5) $9.99

AF4051 Form

Low-Level Flight Plan and Log $9.99

AF4052 Form

C-141/C-130/C-5 Refueling Computation $9.99

AF4053 Form

INS Flight Plan and Log $9.99

AF4054 Form

Per Formance and Fuel Management Log $9.99

AF4057 Form

Officer Assignment Preference Worksheet $9.99

AF4058 Form

Airfield Operations Policy Waiver $9.99

AF4059 Form

Air Force Civilian Competitive Development Nomination Form $9.99

AF4061 Form

Record of Training $9.99

AF4062 Form

C-130 Run-In/Drop In Formation Card $9.99

AF4063 Form

Pilot In Formation Card $9.99

AF4064 Form


AF4065 Form

Unfired Pressure Vessel Inspection $9.99

AF4066 Form

Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) Site Survey $9.99

AF4068 Form


AF4069 Form

Tiedown Equipment Checklist $9.99

AF4070 Form

C-141 Airdrop Data Card $9.99

AF4071 Form

C-141 Performance WORKSHEET $9.99

AF4072 Form


AF4073 Form

Airborne Radar Approach Plate $9.99

AF4074 Form

Airborne Radar Approach Descent Template $9.99

AF4075 Form

Aircraft Load Data Worksheet $9.99

AF4076 Form

Aircraft Dash 21 Equipment Inventory $9.99

AF4079 Form

C-5 Airdrop Data $9.99

AF4080 Form

Load/Sequence Breakdown Worksheet $9.99

AF4081 Form

Tactical Mission Fuel Planning $9.99

AF4082 Form

C-141/TF33 Engine Condition Moitoring Inflight Data Worksheet $9.99

AF4084 Form

Mission Planning Worksheet $9.99

AF4085 Form

Mission Expense Record $9.99

AF4089 Form

KC-10 TOLD Card Worksheet $9.99

AF4090 Form

KC-10 Flight Plan and Fuel Log $9.99

AF4091 Form

Mission Data $9.99

AF4092 Form

Flight Itinerary $9.99

AF4095 Form

KC-10A Load Planning Worksheet $9.99

AF4096 Form

Airdrop/Tactical Airland/Air Refueling Mission Recap $9.99

AF4097 Form

Aircraft Identification $9.99

AF4098 Form

TOLD Card Worksheet $9.99

AF4099 Form

TOLD Card (C-5) $9.99

AF4100 Form

KC-135 Load Planning Worksheet $9.99

AF4101 Form

Relay logic Landing Gear Malfunction $9.99

AF4103 Form

H-1 Mini-TOLD Card(LRA) $9.99

AF4108 Form

C-130 Fuel Log $9.99

AF4110 Form


AF4111 Form


AF4112 Form

KC-135 Retraint Computation Worksheet $9.99

AF4118 Form

SCA Planning Form $9.99

AF4119 Form

C-130 Fuel Planning Worksheet (LRA) $9.99

AF4120 Form

AC/MC-130 Takeoff and Landing Data Card (TOLD) $9.99

AF4121 Form

FCIF Currency Record $9.99

AF4122 Form

Airborne Radio Log $9.99

AF4123 Form

Airdrop Card $9.99

AF4124 Form

Flight Crew In Formation Guide $9.99

AF4125 Form

Range Control Chart (LRA) $9.99

AF4128 Form

Fleet Service Checklist $9.99

AF4130 Form

KC-10 Restraints Computation Worksheet $9.99

AF4132 Form

FARP Hose Deployment Personnel (HDP) Training Report $9.99

AF4133 Form

FARP Equipment Inventory Listing $9.99

AF4134 Form

Forward Area Refueling Point (FARP) Budget Requirements $9.99

AF4135 Form

Pilot’s Low Level and Airdrop Plan $9.99

AF4137 Form

International Standardization Agreement Ratification Implementation Data Sheet (Continuation) $9.99

AF4138 Form

EC-130 Flight Plan and Navigation Log (LRA) $9.99

AF4139 Form

Special Operations C-130 CS Inflight Refueling Worksheet $9.99

AF4140 Form

NAF Purchase Card Program Cardholder’s Log $9.99

AF4141 Form

Individual’s Record of Duties and Experience Ground Environment Personnel $9.99

AF4142 Form

Individual Annual Training Record $9.99

AF4143 Form

Certificate of Qualification Not in Word Not in Word

AF4144 Form

Positional Evaluation Checklist $9.99

AF4145 Form

Daily Activity Log $9.99

AF4146 Form

Mission Briefing Guide $9.99

AF4147 Form

Munitions Movement Control Worksheet $9.99

AF4160 Form

In Formation Assurance Assessment and Assistance Program (IAAP) Criteria $9.99

AF4167 Form

Two-Person COMSEC Material Inventory $9.99

AF4168 Form

COMSEC Responsible Officer and User Training Checklist (LRA) $9.99

AF4169 Form

Request for Waiver From In Formation Assurance Criteria $9.99

AF4170 Form

Emission Security Assessments/Emission Security Countermeasures Review $9.99

AF4172 Form


AF4251 Form

FY Inherently Governmental Commercial Activities (Review Decision) Supporting Rationale $9.99

AF4267 Form

Individualized Family Service Plan/Review/Change Form $9.99

AF4268 Form


AF4269 Form

Consent for Release Request for In Formation $9.99

AF4271 Form


AF4273 Form

Suicide Event Surveillance System (SESS) Investigative Worksheet $9.99

AF4286 Form

Functional Check Flight Certification Record (T-1A Aircraft) $9.99

AF4287 Form

Functional Check Pilot Certification Record T-38 Aircraft $9.99

AF4288 Form

Functional Check Flight Certification Record T-37 Aircraft $9.99

AF4289 Form

Monthly Victim/Witness Activity Report Concerning Inmate Status $9.99

AF4290 Form


AF4291 Form

Aircrew Communications Document Receipt $9.99

AF4292 Form

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Use Report $9.99

AF4293 Form

Student Activity Record $9.99

AF4294 Form


AF4296 Form


AF4297 Form

Functional Check Flight Certification Record T-6A Aircraft $9.99

AF4298 Form

Contract Manpower Equivalent (CME) Documentation Log $9.99

AF4299 Form

Contract Manpower Equivalent (CME) Computation Worksheet $9.99

AF4302 Form

Appliance Warranty $9.99

AF4303 Form

Helicopter Landing Zone Survey $9.99

AF4304 Form

Drop Zone Landing Zone Control Log $9.99

AF4305 Form


AF4306 Form


AF4309 Form

Depot Component Exchange Log $9.99

AF4310 Form

Security Key Dispenser (SKD) Maintenance Authorization $9.99

AF4311 Form

Slot Machine Transfer Authorization $9.99

AF4312 Form

Component Exchange Request $9.99

AF4313 Form

Slot Machine Denomination Change Request $9.99

AF4314 Form

Slot Machine Movement Request $9.99

AF4315 Form

Slot Machine Key and Lock Request $9.99

AF4316 Form

Equipment Transfer Authorization $9.99

AF4317 Form

Slot Machine Replacement Request $9.99

AF4321 Form

Reserve Component Health Risk Assessment $9.99

AF4322 Form

Active Parachutist Justification $9.99

AF4323 Form

ARMS Multi-Crew Jump Record $9.99

AF4324 Form

Aviation Resource Mangement System (ARMS) Upgrade Worksheet $9.99

AF4326 Form

Tactic Improvement Proposal $9.99

AF4327 Form

ARMS Flight Authorization (FA) $9.99

AF4327A Form

Crew Flight (FA) Authorization $9.99

AF4329 Form

AF Observation, Issue or Lessons Learned (for use on the NIPRNET) $9.99

AF4329A Form

AF Observation, Issue or Lessons Learned (for use on the SIPRNET) $9.99

AF4330 Form


AF4330A Form


AF4331 Form

Munitions Transaction Sheet $9.99

AF4334 Form

Individual TDY Processing Checklist $9.99

AF4336 Form

IDMT Patient Encounter Form $9.99